Design, installation and Maintenance of Air Source Heat Pumps in Leeds, Wakefield and Yorkshire

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Hygge crafts tailor-made air source heat pump systems that not only vibe with your home’s style but also ace efficiency. We take a big-picture view to make sure your comfort and design wishes are met, all while keeping eco-friendliness at the heart of what we do.


At Hygge, our expert crew is all about smooth and swift air source heat pump installations. We’re big on efficiency and keeping the hassle to a bare minimum, all while setting the stage for dependable performance that lasts.

After care

Hygge’s got your back with top-notch aftercare to keep you cozy and your system running smoothly. We’re talking thorough maintenance, regular tune-ups, and quick fixes to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape, all with our unwavering support and know-how at your side.

What is Hygge....?

Pronounced  [hue-ga]


  1. A Danish and Norwegian concept that embodies a sense of cozy contentment, comfort, and well-being through simplicity and mindfulness, particularly in one’s living environment.

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

The price range for an air source heat pump, including installation, delivery, and administrative fees, falls between £3,000 and £9,000. This estimate accounts for the £7,500 government subsidy available through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

Though the initial outlay for heat pumps might be higher in comparison to traditional heating systems, their superior energy efficiency (up to 500% efficient) leads to greater long-term savings.

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Hygge is proud to be Heat Geek Assured, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the heating industry. This prestigious recognition reflects our dedication to mastering the art of heating system installation, repair, and maintenance, with a particular emphasis on innovative heat pump technologies. As a Heat Geek Assured company, Hygge embodies the highest standards of expertise and efficiency in the field. Our team, rigorously trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of heating systems, ensures that every installation is not just a procedure, but a step towards a more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable living environment. Our customers can trust that with Hygge, they are choosing a service provider that is at the forefront of heating technology and efficiency, delivering comfort and warmth that aligns perfectly with our ethos of coziness and contentment.

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